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Holy Cross Anglican Church is a welcoming community of Christians brought together by a shared love of Jesus, a desire to worship and grow in Christ, and for friendly fellowship and mutual support and encouragement.


We are an Anglican chaplaincy in the Diocese in Europe, part of the The Church of England. Our members come from around the world - the UK and Northern Europe, Africa, North America, and the Middle East. Some have been born and raised in Italy and have found a spiritual home at Holy Cross, some are cradle Anglicans, and many come from other church backgrounds. We also, regularly, have visitors with us just for a Sunday or two while on vacation in Sicily.

Services are held in English and Italian. Many members are bilingual. 

We believe that it is through worship, learning, belonging and the practices of prayer and reading Scripture that we become more deeply aware of who God is, and of our own being. This encounter and union with God through Word and Sacrament changes us. We become light and salt in the world and are more loving towards our neighbours. Our final hope is eternal life in God, a life we begin to participate in even now. 

Whether you are seeking answers to life's questions, a doubter, a life-long Christian, single or remarried, part of the LGBTQ+ community, an immigrant, a Panormita/o, or a tourist, you are welcome in the Holy Cross family. 



Rev Dr James Thomas Hadley, Obl.SB, STL, PhD



Fr James was baptised as a child in the Roman Catholic church and raised in the Assemblies of God.  In graduate school he was received into the Episcopal Church, and subsequently worshiped in the Church of Ireland and Church of England. While a churchwarden in Rome he became an ordinand in the Diocese of Europe. James was ordained a priest in the Church of England for the Diocese of St Albans in 2019 at Petertide.

Before ordination Fr James was a professor of liturgy and art/architectural history at Rome. He continues to research and write in these areas, believing in the power of divine beauty to save, and culture's capacity to ennoble the human family.

Fr. James' has a passion for preaching and sharing the Word of God.  


Ex Officio CCC Members

Chaplain, The Rev'd Dr. James Hadley

Churchwarden, Jacquie Matranga

Churchwarden, William Ofori

June West, Deanery Synod Member

Elected CCC Members

Petra Beck 

Paolo C. Coniglio-Pringle, Treasurer

Carey Graziano

Deborah J. Halliday, Safeguarding Officer

Nick Hogg, CCC Secretary

Caterina Lopes, Ecumenical Representative

Christine MacRitchie

Cathy Paige 

"The CCC shares the privileges and responsibility of making certain decisions with the priest, and in return it co-operates with the priest in promoting in the chaplaincy the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical."

Rev. John Prichard, An ABC for the PCC


Becoming a Christian

‘The most important decision any person can ever make is to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. It’s the best thing anyone can do.’
Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

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Different people become Christians at different times in different ways. Some people never remember not believing in God, others had a startling moment of realization, for others it may have been a slow process of understanding.

There is no one way of knowing God. But one of the best ways is to go to church: that’s where the distance between the Divine and the Human is at its closest; that’s where you can meet other people on their journey to God. If you were christened or baptized before, perhaps as a baby, you might want to consider getting confirmed. If you weren’t, then you might want to consider being both baptized and confirmed at the same time!


Join Holy Cross Church

You are most welcome to join our faith family at Holy Cross.  Christianity is essentially a faith that believes in belonging. We are not Christians on our own, but together as children of God, brothers and sisters.  Jesus of Nazareth gathered a community of followers in his lifetime - bringing together the most unlikely persons to seek God as a new community. This is the Church today.  Since the time of Jesus the Church has gathered to worship God, pray together, support one another, and serve the world. 





  • What does joining the church mean personally?
    By joining Holy Cross you give witness to your faith in God and seek to support your fellow Christians in the heart of Palermo, and the larger society. This witness includes pastoral care and the provision of worship for everyone.
  • How can I show this support?
    You can support your church both spiritually and practically – spiritually through a regular prayer and worship life, and practically through the giving of your time, your skills and through financial support.
  • How do I know what practical help is needed?
    Please ask Fr. James, the Churchwardens, or other members of the CCC how you can be involved. We are always delighted when someone offers practical help, and will be able to help you channel your gifts in to the right area. This may be anything from reading the bible at Mass, helping to keep the church and courtyard looking well kept, to helping out with paperwork or social events, or greeting visitors at our services.
  • What about financially?
    Your financial support is vital. We are a self-supporting community. We receive no money from the Church of England, or Italian government. There are no rules about giving but there are guidelines. Some churches suggest the biblical "tithe", or 10% of one's income, as a benchmark for our giving. Regardless we are asked to make our giving a priority, to plan our giving and to give in proportion to our means.


If you are able to offer time or skills to the church, or wish to review your giving, then please be in touch with the Chaplaincy Office +39 091.581.435. Whatever you decide, thank you for taking the time to look at this information and for all that you already do for the church.


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