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Holy Cross Church is located in Via Roma, Palermo, Italy - on the corner with Via Mariano Stabile.  We are a short walk from both the shopping district and the port of Palermo.

Our address is:

Holy Cross Anglican Church

Via Mariano Stabile, 118/b

90139 Palermo (PA), Italy

There is a handicap accessible bus stop immediately in front of the church.


Roma - Stabile

Stop ID: 1770

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Joseph Whitaker Sr., as a young man.

Holy Cross Anglican Church is a unique treasure of Anglican heritage and Italian art of the late 1800s.  The edifice, whose construction was envisaged by the English businessman  Joseph Whitaker Sr., boasts an array of art for the connoisseur and tourist alike. Apse mosaics that echo the Norman-Byzantine tradition are some of the final works of the famed Salviati Company of Venice - A studio also responsible for a number of installations in London, including the Houses of Parliament and St. Paul's Cathedral. The church also contains a number of stained glass windows, a novelty in post-Gothic Italy, designed by the English firm Lavers, Barraud & Westlak.  Building upon echoes of the Norman king Roger II's Palatine Chapel, one finds in our church busts of important political and religious figures in English history, including the unmistakable face of Queen Elizabeth I.

We are happy to schedule guided tours of this remarkable space.

Use the button at the right to contact us and arrange a private or group tour.


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Wednesdays 09:00 - 12:00

(when there is a morning service - please see the calendar)


Friday 17:00 - 19:00

(when there is an evening service - please see the calendar)

Sundays 09:00 - 12:00

(Please note that this time coincides with a church service)

The church building is closed during July and August.

Outside of these times (including the summer months) we are happy to open the church for private and group tours as possible. Please contact us.

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