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Members of Holy Cross strive to support the church through the generous giving of their Time, Talent, and Treasure. 


"Store up treasures in heaven: For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be..." 

Matthew 6:19-21

For over 150 years, Holy Cross has been supported by gifts and donations from people who cherish our work and want to safeguard this church for future generations. Your donation will help to continue this important work.

The financial support of members and friends is essential for our ministry and survival. We are an independent charity - we receive no money from any church body or government. 


Ways to Give

To make a donation into our Italian (€) or United Kingdom (£) accounts please contact us for bank details.

Alternatively, you can set up a regular donation to Holy Cross through the Parish Giving Scheme, or make a one-off gift through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) by following the secure links to the right.

Legacies, and planning of wills, are also an important way that you can support Holy Cross.  Please contact us to speak about your lasting gift.


Your generous financial support not only helps us sustain our community as a place of Christian worship and witness, but also allows us to support various charitable activities. Your financial support goes toward the following annual expenditures:

Ministry & Operating costs

of the chaplaincy

Clergy Stipend

Guest Preachers

Ecumenical Guests

Upkeep of our building

Charitable giving, which in the past has included:  Bishop's Advent & Lent Appeals (International) : Comunità di Sant'Egidio (Italy & Palermo) : Comitato Fiori di Lavanda onlus for research in Childhood Leukemia (Como, Italy) : Evelina Children's Hospital (Guy's & St. Thomas Hospital, London, UK) : Save the Children (Rome, Italy) : ARC, Associazione Celebrolesi (Palermo, Italy).


We believe in financial transparency for all institutions that hold public trust. It is our pledge that you can see where our money comes from, and where it goes.

All members of Holy Cross registered on the electoral role can request to see our accounts at any moment by contacting the chaplaincy office.

The chaplaincy council pledges to produce financial accounts on a regular basis - and a yearly report made available at the Annual General Meeting.  

Our goal is make our money serve the Kingdom of God. 

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