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The Diocese in Europe promotes “Safe Churches” as part of our commitment to the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults.

A revised Safeguarding Policy and Guidance has was released in October 2019, aligned with the National Safeguarding Team’s Parish Safeguarding Handbook, and adapted and expanded to suit the requirements of our international diocese.

All clergy and Readers have Safeguarding training and need record check clearance certificates as a normal part of their ministry. Hundreds of lay volunteers, working with young people and vulnerable adults in local churches across Europe will also undergo record checks. This is to ensure that our congregations are safe places for young and vulnerable people to visit.

Who to Contact

How to make a referral about abuse or a safeguarding concern:

If you believe that you have information or knowledge at your Chaplaincy which suggests that someone poses a risk of serious harm to others, or that an individual may be at risk of serious harm from others it must be reported immediately to the Diocesan Safeguarding Team. You can do this directly or may wish to speak with your Chaplaincy Safeguarding Officer too.

At Holy Cross our Safeguarding Officer is:

Ms. Deborah J. Halliday


To report a concern please complete the referral form which you can download here.  Please email it to The Diocese will respond to your concern within 48 hours. Please do let the team know if you require assistance in completing the form, or to access in a language alternative to English. 

If you believe your concern relates to an immediate risk of harm you should contact your local emergency services.

For further information please see the Diocese in Europe webpage by following the links below:

Policy and Guidance

Diocesan Contacts

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